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publications & preprints


  • Itchuaqiyaq, C. U., Lindgren, C., & Kramer, C. Q. (2023). Decolonizing Community-Engaged Research: Designing CER with Cultural Humility as a Foundational Value. Communication Design Quarterly, 11(3), pp. 12-20.

  • Itchuaqiyaq, C. U., Gottschalk-Druschke, C., Cagle, L., & Bloom-Pojar, R. (2023). To Community with Care: Enacting Positive Barriers to Access as Good Relations. Community Literacy Journal, 17(1), pp. 94-116.

    • Selected for Outstanding Article Award, 2023 Conference on Community Writing


  • Itchuaqiyaq, C. U., & Frith, J. (2022). Citational Practices as a Site of Resistance and Radical Pedagogy: Positioning the Multiply Marginalized and Underrepresented (MMU) Scholar Database as an Infrastructural Intervention. Communication Design Quarterly, 10(3), 10-19.

  • Itchuaqiyaq, C. U., Edenfield, A. C., & Grant-Davie, K. (2022). Sex Work and Professional Risk Communication: Keeping Safe on the Streets. Journal of Business and Technical Communication, 36(1), 1-37.

  • Itchuaqiyaq, C. U., & Matheson, B. (2021). Decolonial Dinners: Ethical Consideration of Decolonial Metaphors in TPC Scholarship. Technical Communication Quarterly, 30(3), 298-310.

  • Itchuaqiyaq, C. U., & Matheson, B. (2021). Decolonizing Decoloniality: Considering the (Mis)use of Decolonial Frameworks in TPC Scholarship. Communication Design Quarterly, 9(1), 20-31.

    • Selected for Parlor Press’s “Best of Journals in Rhetoric and Composition 2022” collection

    • LINK

  • Itchuaqiyaq, C. U., Walton, R. (2021). Reviewer as Activist: Understanding Academic Review Through Conocimiento. Rhetoric Review, 40(4), 378-394.

    • Selected for 2023 CCCC Technical and Scientific Communication Award in the category of Best Article on Philosophy or Theory of Technical or Scientific Communication


  • Itchuaqiyaq, C. U., Ranade, N., & Walton, R. (2021). Theory to Query: Developing a Corpus-Analysis Method Using Computer Programming and Human Analysis. Technical Communication 68(3), 7-28.​


  • Itchuaqiyaq, C. U. (2023). When the Sound is Frozen: Extracting Climate Data from Inuit Narratives. In S. Williams (Ed.), Technical Communication for Environmental Action. SUNY Press, pp. 19-38.

  • Itchuaqiyaq, C. U. (2022). The Woman Who Tricked the Machine: Challenging the Neutrality of Defaults and Building Coalitions for Marginalized Scholars. In M. J. Faris & S. Holmes (Eds.), Re-Programmable Rhetoric: Critical Making Theories and Methods in Digital Rhetoric and Composition. Utah State University Press, pp. 75-91.

  • Itchuaqiyaq, C. U. (2021). Iñupiat Iḷitqusiat: An Indigenist Ethics Approach for Working with Marginalized Knowledges in Technical Communication. In R. Walton & G. Agboka (Eds.), Equipping Technical Communicators for Social Justice Work: Theories, Methodologies, and Pedagogies. Utah State University Press, pp. 33-48.

    • Selected for 2023 CCCC Technical and Scientific Communication Award in the category of Best Original Collection of Essays in Technical or Scientific Communication.​


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