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Iñupiatun Coding Project

Language Revitalization and Historic Data "Rescue"

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The Iñupiatun Coding Project aims to assist tribal language revitalization efforts and historic data rescue using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning techniques.

This project is led by Aqqaluk Trust, a Inuit-led and Inuit-serving cultural program focused on language, culture, and education.

The co-produced project is a collaboration between Aqqaluk Trust, Virginia Tech, and Penn State.

Collaborators include:

  • Corina Qaaġraq Kramer, Director of Operations, Aqqaluk Trust, Kotzebue, Alaska

  • Cana Uluak Itchuaqiyaq, Assistant Professor, Professional and Technical Writing, Virginia Tech

  • Katie Carmichael, Associate Professor, Socio-linguistics, Virginia Tech

  • Lifu Huang, Assistant Professor, Computer Science, Virginia Tech

  • Wenpeng Yin, Assistant Professor, Computer Science, Penn State

Watch this video created by Aqqaluk Trust to help inform tribal members about Iñupiatun Coding Project.

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