Projects in Development

Future Projects & Advocacy

Listing of projects under development.

Rematriation of Inuit Knowledges:

Research project aimed at returning Inuit knowledges that were shared with researchers and published in academic works.

Caleb Pungowiyi Collection:

Research project to develop an open-access online archive of the papers of Caleb Pungowiyi, a deceased Yupik Elder and climate change activist. This archive will be designed with Inuit users, rather than academic users, as its primary audience.

Science Communication in Arctic Communities:

Service project in cooperation with organizations in NW Alaska. This project aims to increase basic scientific understanding for Inuit to increase their ability to understand local development projects and issues and to self-advocate.

ACEs Task Force:

Research and community service in cooperation with NW Alaskan organizations aimed at increasing resources for addressing adverse childhood experiences.

Narrative Data Extraction Techniques:

  • Research project using historical subsistence narratives to extract historic climate data for locations in the Arctic.

  • Itchuaqiyaq, C. U. (in review). “When the sound is frozen”: Extracting climate data from traditional Inuit narratives. In S. Williams (Ed.), Technical Communication for Environmental Action. New York, NY: Routledge.

  • Presentation June 8, 2021: "Extracting data from Arctic Indigenous narratives: Inuit stories as resources in understanding climate change" for the Korean Polar Research Institute (KOPRI).